Carys and Ruth Hanson 2014

Carys and Ruth Hanson 2014

Since 2012 Carys and I have been sharing our love for all things Fountain Pen related. 
What started with off the shelf Parker Pens, has turned into something that at times takes a lot of willpower to control.

We live with the rest of our family my husband Roger, my other daughter Ffion and my son Ellis in a small town in the Valleys of South Wales. In our real lives Carys is a student with an ambition to work with Mathematics and I manage Work Based Training Centre for young people. 

We are very fortunate to be able to share our stationery passion with each other but finding such an enormous online following for fountain pens certainly supports our interests and enables many purchases. 

We have met some wonderfully kind people on our journey so far and have gained so much knowledge from fellow bloggers, and Social Media.

We hope we are able to contribute to this world.

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