Platimum Cool Giveaway Result

Hi all,

I must start by giving a huge apology.  I aimed to draw this at the end of May but as sometimes happens, the day job got in the way.

Who is the winner?

Any way onto the good news, I had 17 different readers post a comment on this giveaway.. I used to generate a number from 1 -17 in the order that the posts were left.  And here are the results ......

Number 1 - This time the early bird really did catch the worm.  Congratulations to ... Rachelle.

Please get in contact with your address so that I can post this onto you.  Thanks to everyone that left a comment and entered, we really appreciate your support.  I will be looking to do another giveaway in July, after my birthday and the Midlands Pen Show.



A writing slope dilema ...

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned where the inspiration came from for my love of stationery.  It all started as a child initially, from my earliest memories I can never think of a time where my paternal grandfather, a man who always had a story to tell (Dennis Marriott) being without a notebook and pencil.  I always remember him sharpening his pencils with a pocket knife.  He kept a notebook to record everything.   So I remember trying to do the same, at one point I remember noting down car registration numbers, I have no idea why or what I intended to do with them, I presume it was just an excuse to write.  

I remember him showing me two beautiful boxes that were given to him by his father Charles Marriott, and I am now lucky enough to have have one of these.  

My father passed this to me about 18 months ago and it has been boxed away safely ever since.  Last weekend we were clearing out the cupboard and came across all those things you pack away because you intend to do something with them one day.  I then looked at this box properly for the first time.

As I previously mentioned my grandfather was very good at writing notes and recording information, he made sure that every photo was referenced.  So it was no surprise to find these inside the box.

I also found the following in here, I believe that the medals were from the second world war and belonged to my grandfather, the coins however were placed in there by my father I believe.  So what I have so far is 4 generations of the Marriott family using this writing slope to date.

So what to do next?  Should I preserve it as it is?  Or should I get it restored and allow it to start it's next journey?  With all of my pens I strongly believe that they should be used and not collected, therefore shouldn't the same apply here?

Calepino Notebook Cover

I recently posted about a notebook that was being made for me to hold my calepino notebooks. Here are the results ...

  21.4.14 - The date I started my blogging journey.

21.4.14 - The date I started my blogging journey.

The notebook is extremely well made, you can tell the care that was taken whilst making it.  Michael communicated throughout the process and kept me up to date with photos at each stage.  I am able to keep two notebooks in here at one time to increase the flexibility.  I am looking forward to seeing how this wears over the years. 

I am extremely happy with the result, and have now asked Michael to make me a three pen case.  I will keep you updated with the result!

Platinum Cool Giveaway

I bought this pen from Cult Pens about six months ago, and it just isn't getting any use, and I hate to see pens not getting any use.

It's fitted with a fine nib that writes well, it uses Platinum Cartridges or can use standard international cartridges with an adapter.  I will include a pack of cartridges and an adapter with it. You can also buy converters to use with the pen for a few pounds.  

The pen is in excellent condition as you can see......

 Platinum Cool

Platinum Cool

For a chance of winning this pen throughout May all you need to do is subscribe to our blog on our home page, and leave a comment below letting us know what your favourite pen is at the time of posting.   

Good luck!

Custom Notebook Cover

Over the past couple of months I have admired the craftmanship of a fellow FPN member called Michael Young (aka my63).

I have been considering a leather midori style cover for some time but was looking for something a little more personal.  I have a particular fondness of pretty things and bright colours and was drawn to Michael's recent post detailing this cover that he recently made.

So today I contacted Michael with a request to make something for myself.  After some discussion we have agreed to make a midori style cover to use with my favoured Calepino notebooks which I discovered after reading a review written by @ian_hedley.

Suffice to say that I am very excited, we will keep you up to date with photos of the cover's progress.

Update on the cover

Michael has been hard at work on my cover......

 I love bright colours, particularly Green!

I love bright colours, particularly Green!

I wanted to have a date embossed onto it,  originally I wanted it on the back of the cover but it would have got in the way of writing, I now actually really like the feature that it makes.

Lamy Steel Nib Comparisons

When I first saw a Lamy Safari pen I really didn't like it.  I didn't like the shape of the clip and felt that it didn't go with the overall look I was after.  However I went into my local pen store and saw one and took the opportunity to find out a little more.

Anyone that knows me will know that I have a preference for Extra Fine nibs and have until now discounted some very nice looking Western pens due to the broader line that they write.

I spent a lot of time searching for comparisons between the nib widths of pens so decided that I would help with this too.  This image comes from my second youtube video.  I wanted to provide a comparison between the nib widths that are on offer for the lower end Lamy pens. These nibs are so simple to interchange, it means that I have been able to take the opportunity to and 'broaden' my horizons a little.

Phil at the Pen and Paper was kind enough to provide me with the full range of nibs to carry out this review.  I hope you will find this useful...... 

How it all began for me .....

Today on a changeable bank holiday Monday I finally got around to setting up this site.  This is something that I have been planning to do for a long long time.  

Like many I used fountain pens in school all those years ago, at that time it was always a Parker of some description, I had a Vector, a Jotter and was always envious of a Parker 25 that belonged to a friend of mine.  I also thought I was being a little mischievous by using blue black cartridges rather than the standard washable blue ones.

We then leap forward a number of years to when I changed jobs.  I wanted a nice pen to use at meetings so did a quick google search on what I knew best,  'Parker Pens', on that day I ordered a Parker Frontier with a fine nib and came across bottles of inks and converters, I ordered a bottle of my trusted Quink Blue Black and begun my fountain pen journey.

It probably would have ended there had I not dropped it and broke the nib.  Whilst searching for ways to replace it I came across the Fountain Pen Network and let's just say the rest is history, registering an account on there in 2012 opened the door to what can only be described as my healthy obsession. 

Ruth x