How it all began for me .....

Today on a changeable bank holiday Monday I finally got around to setting up this site.  This is something that I have been planning to do for a long long time.  

Like many I used fountain pens in school all those years ago, at that time it was always a Parker of some description, I had a Vector, a Jotter and was always envious of a Parker 25 that belonged to a friend of mine.  I also thought I was being a little mischievous by using blue black cartridges rather than the standard washable blue ones.

We then leap forward a number of years to when I changed jobs.  I wanted a nice pen to use at meetings so did a quick google search on what I knew best,  'Parker Pens', on that day I ordered a Parker Frontier with a fine nib and came across bottles of inks and converters, I ordered a bottle of my trusted Quink Blue Black and begun my fountain pen journey.

It probably would have ended there had I not dropped it and broke the nib.  Whilst searching for ways to replace it I came across the Fountain Pen Network and let's just say the rest is history, registering an account on there in 2012 opened the door to what can only be described as my healthy obsession. 

Ruth x