Custom Notebook Cover

Over the past couple of months I have admired the craftmanship of a fellow FPN member called Michael Young (aka my63).

I have been considering a leather midori style cover for some time but was looking for something a little more personal.  I have a particular fondness of pretty things and bright colours and was drawn to Michael's recent post detailing this cover that he recently made.

So today I contacted Michael with a request to make something for myself.  After some discussion we have agreed to make a midori style cover to use with my favoured Calepino notebooks which I discovered after reading a review written by @ian_hedley.

Suffice to say that I am very excited, we will keep you up to date with photos of the cover's progress.

Update on the cover

Michael has been hard at work on my cover......

 I love bright colours, particularly Green!

I love bright colours, particularly Green!

I wanted to have a date embossed onto it,  originally I wanted it on the back of the cover but it would have got in the way of writing, I now actually really like the feature that it makes.