A writing slope dilema ...

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned where the inspiration came from for my love of stationery.  It all started as a child initially, from my earliest memories I can never think of a time where my paternal grandfather, a man who always had a story to tell (Dennis Marriott) being without a notebook and pencil.  I always remember him sharpening his pencils with a pocket knife.  He kept a notebook to record everything.   So I remember trying to do the same, at one point I remember noting down car registration numbers, I have no idea why or what I intended to do with them, I presume it was just an excuse to write.  

I remember him showing me two beautiful boxes that were given to him by his father Charles Marriott, and I am now lucky enough to have have one of these.  

My father passed this to me about 18 months ago and it has been boxed away safely ever since.  Last weekend we were clearing out the cupboard and came across all those things you pack away because you intend to do something with them one day.  I then looked at this box properly for the first time.

As I previously mentioned my grandfather was very good at writing notes and recording information, he made sure that every photo was referenced.  So it was no surprise to find these inside the box.

I also found the following in here, I believe that the medals were from the second world war and belonged to my grandfather, the coins however were placed in there by my father I believe.  So what I have so far is 4 generations of the Marriott family using this writing slope to date.

So what to do next?  Should I preserve it as it is?  Or should I get it restored and allow it to start it's next journey?  With all of my pens I strongly believe that they should be used and not collected, therefore shouldn't the same apply here?