Pelikan Edelstein, Ink of the Year GARNET

This ink is the second in my collection from the Pelikan's premium range Edelstein.  Topaz has become one of my favourite blue inks, and is almost always in rotation, so I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to review this ink.  

 Beautiful bottle ....

Beautiful bottle ....

The bottles are absolutely beautiful, and come in a very pretty box.  These inks flow very well, they are not as dry as the 4001 series by Pelikan but certainly are not wet.

Edelstein Garnet Review.jpg

In case anyone was wondering why I suddenly wrote the word Yellow in this review, Carys and I were listening to music whilst writing this review and found ourselves signing along to "Yellow" by Coldplay.  I do these things from time to time.

garnet review.jpg

I find this to be a good bright red with nice shading and one I will look forward to using more, if you want to purchase this ink you can do so here.