Our valued UK stores

Pen and Paper 

Our local store in Cardiff which has great customer service. They have a good stock of inks, pens and paper as well a a large stock of art products.  If you are visiting Cardiff they are always worth a visit, or visit them online. 

Pure Pens / Pelikan Pens / Niche Pens

Also located in South Wales these sites are all managed by the same team, I believe Niche Pens has now been merged into Pure Pens and Pelikan Pens.  Pure Pens stocks a large variety of all things fountain pen related, Pelikan Pens I believe is the largest distributor of Pelikan Pens in the UK.  Always quick delivery, and stockists of Noodlers Ink and pens in the UK.

Write Here 

Located in Shrewsbury they have a great variety of Fountain pens, they are lovely people and stock what are now one of my favourite pen brands Omas.  Definitely worth checking out.

Writing Desk

Great online store with a great collection of Sailor and Edison pens


Online retailer in the UK with a massive selection of pens, very quick delivery.

Twiss Pens

John Twiss is a very talented maker of Custom Fountain Pens, I have a couple in my collection already.  Check out his website and Twitter account, you will also find him at all of the UK Pen Shows.

Other Blogs and Videos we follow

Pens! Paper! Pencils! - Written by Ian Hedley

The Pen Addict - Podcasts and blogs by Brad Dowdy

The Pen Habit - Vidoes and blogs from Matt Armstrong

Stephen Brown - I've learnt so much from this man's videos

Gourmet Pens - A beautifully well laid out site by Azizah Asgarali 

Fountain Pen Forums

These are a fountain of knowledge (no pun intended), thousands of like minded people sharing their experiences and knowledge..... 

The Fountain Pen Network

Fountain Pen Geeks

Custom work

Nib Work

In the UK I only know of one that I would send my pens to for any nib work.  John Sorowka (aka Oxonian) is well respected in this field and a great conversation.  I've had a few nibs worked on by him,  if you are considering any work that needs doing please contact us and I will be happy to pass your details onto him.